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Since the establishment of the Mikkel Art certification system, about 380 Mikkel Art certifications have been born to date. Those who have obtained the first grade of reminiscence therapist have acquired the skill to verify the effect on dementia and are playing an active role.

Under such circumstances, we received many voices saying "I want to use Mickel Art as a new employee education" and "I want to develop the ability to imagine the feelings of users" , and this time I will newly establish the qualification of Mickel Art Reminiscence Therapist Level 2. have become.

Features of Mickel Art Reminiscence Therapist Level 2

  • You can learn "how to spread the conversation"

  • You can take it by distance learning

  • There is no age limit for eligibility

Do you have such troubles?

✔︎   The conversation with the user does not continue!

To solve such problems, we recommend the second grade of certified training! !! In this training, you will work on two contents.


You will learn how the conversation spreads using the Mickel art of ①.

(2) Based on a certain situation where there is a long-term care facility, you will be asked to think about what to do in such a case. By imagining various scenes while looking at the art, it is very useful when you come across those scenes.

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Training content

🌸  Purpose of training

  • Master the Mickel Art "Living Room"!

  • Imagine a scene with long-term care and find a countermeasure!

🌷 Contents of certification training

 Correspondence education system. In the basics, you will learn how to expand the conversation using Mickel Art's "Living Room". With Mickel Art as an opportunity, we will acquire skills that make users want to talk.

In the practical version, you will improve your ability to imagine what your users say and do. If you say this, I wonder if the user will return it like this, in such a case, make various assumptions such as what kind of action the user will take, and develop the skill that can respond flexibly. To go.

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Course outline

  • Qualifications: Those who work at a long-term care facility (apply via a corporation)

  • Course fee: 15,000 yen (excluding tax) / person

  • Course content: Learn communication skills through distance learning using certified training notes

  • Course period: Approximately 1 month

  • Qualification acquisition: After submitting the filled-in notebook to us by e-mail, qualification is acquired by issuing a certificate of completion.

  • Qualification deadline: 3 years (renewal training every 3 years ¥ 10,000 (optional))

  • How to attend: Apply by email to us

Flow until qualification acquisition

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Voice of students

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Below, we will introduce the sentences written by the students in the certified training note "Reflection column".

Q. How has your communication changed?

A. Until now, even if you asked a question, the topic did not spread and it tended to be a one-off conversation, but it has changed so that you can expand the next question or topic and connect to the next one.

Q. What do you keep in mind and devise when using Mickel Art?

A. I try to learn old things and events by myself and expand the topic so that the story will be lively.

Q.  Free description (please enter your impressions and opinions)

A. " This time, when I tried Mickel Art Certification Training Level 2, I couldn't proceed at all at first, and I didn't know how to communicate. Even though I used the same "tea room" art every time, I got a different reaction every time. Sometimes I have the same questions as last time, but even if I was talking with the same members, it seemed like I was talking to a different person and it was fun. "

Flow until the start of the course

Step 1 Please send an e-mail requesting attendance

Please send an e-mail from the manager of your business office to us saying "I would like to attend the Mickel Art Certification Training". We will ask you for details (number of participants) and attach a quotation and order form by e-mail.

Step 2 Order

Please sign the quotation and purchase order and send it by e-mail or fax.

Step 3 Receive training materials by email and start training

Within 2 days after completing your order, we will send the materials necessary for the training to the administrator by e-mail. We will ship the Mickel Art "Living Room" required for the training by Seino Transportation (or mail).

Please start the training at the timing you want.

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Q1. Is it possible to take the course individually?

A. You cannot apply directly by yourself. If you are a staff member working at a long-term care facility, you can take the course by applying via a corporation.

Q2. Is my age, educational background, and work history related to the course?

A. It doesn't matter.

Q3. Is the certification training note paper or digital?

A. We will attach an email in digital (PDF and Excel format).

Q4. I would like to know the scoring criteria.

A. We will grade the content based on whether it meets the description amount. If there is a problem with the entered information, it may be rejected. If you are willing to take the course, you will be accepted.

Q5. Please tell me the specific procedure for attending.

A. After receiving the e-mail you wish to attend, we will contact the facility manager. We will ask you about the number of students and issue a quotation and order form. After submitting the purchase order and confirming our company, the course will start.

Q6. Is it okay to just download the qualification materials?

A. If you are interested, please feel free to download and check the contents.

Q7. When should I submit the accredited training notes from the start of the course?

A. After applying for the course, we will send the materials related to the certification training to the email address of the administrator. It must be submitted within one year from the date of completion of transmission.

Q8. If I fail, is it possible to take the exam again?

A. You can take the test as many times as you like within one year from the completion date of sending the Q7 email.

Q9. Can I be notified of the qualification renewal deadline after completion?

A. I'm sorry. We do not contact you. The deadline is stated on the certificate, so please check for yourself.

Q10. If I lose my qualification certificate, can I reissue it?

A.  I'm sorry. We do not accept reissues.

"Mikkel training / download materials" (free)

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You can download materials that summarize Mikkel training in an easy-to-understand manner.

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