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How to use "Regional Coloring Book" 

Local coloring books can be used in various ways depending on the way of thinking. Here, I would like to introduce one of the practical methods that I am using. First, look at a sample coloring book of the area that you are familiar with. Then, while reading the explanation that shows the background and context of the era together, ask the target person to tell us about the area depicted in the sample.


When the subject is immersed in the memories of the area and becomes interested in it, he or she will start coloring. At first, we will do it together during occupational therapy, but gradually you will have to do it yourself at times other than occupational therapy.

Put the finished coloring book in your frame and decorate it in your room. And when there is an event such as Keirokai, we will exhibit it so that many people can see the work. By developing the work of coloring in this way, we will create tension in the lives of the target people and make their daily lives enjoyable and healthy.


I use the task of coloring as a tool to keep people healthy. Please make use of it for long-term care workers as well. The above is partly quoted from Professor Usami's column (September 24, 2012) 

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