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Mickel Art Explanation Video / Childcare

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★ Watch all the introduction instructions for the kids version [35 minutes]

This is an explanatory video for those who have learned about Mickel Art Kids Edition for the first time. If you want to watch it all together for 35 minutes , please see here.

If you want to watch by theme, please click the video after 1.


* In summary, the above  2.  Types of art and how to use them  Four.  Some of the content of the art that thinks about disabilities is omitted. 3.  The contents of the art to decorate and the art to dig deep into play are all omitted, so please see each item for more details about art.

1. Introduction (Purpose and Concept) [9 minutes]

I will explain the background and purpose of developing the kids version.

2. Types of art and how to use it [20 minutes]

Based on the request of the nursery teacher, I draw various arts such as lifestyle, food chain, human body, nature and so on. I will introduce how the art is actually used.

3. Art to decorate, art to dig deep into play [5 minutes]

You can transform it into an exciting space by decorating it on the wall of the garden or changing the picture every month.

Also, "I want to dig deeper into pretend play."The art of pretend play was born from the idea of a childcare worker.

4. Art to think about disabilities [6 minutes]

 It is an art to think with children that there are various people in society, such as "people with disabilities," "some people have different skin colors," and "elderly people."

5. What is an art library? [3 minutes]

I will explain the vision of the art library that the kids version is aiming for. We aim to reduce the work burden on childcare workers and to provide teaching materials that expand the world of children.

Bonus 1. How to start the kids version [2 minutes]

 If you use the kids version, I think there are some children who gave their opinions and some who couldn't. Here are some examples of voices for each child.

Bonus 2. Voice to children after using the kids version [2 minutes]

Here are two ways to get started when showing the kids version to children. It is for nursery teachers who have the question, "What should I do for the first time?"

Bonus 3. Not only decorating the picture, but also interacting with each other [11 minutes]

"I used to decorate overseas paintings because I thought my child would be happy, but nothing changed."

I talked about this with a director and realized the importance of the relationship after decorating.

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