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Mickel Art Certified Instructor

What is a certified instructor? 

A person who has knowledge of reminiscence therapy and dementia care using Mickel Art.

I am mainly in charge of study sessions and training on Mickel Art. 

Please contact us in such a case ♪ 

We will propose training and study sessions according to the customer's request, and dispatch a certified instructor.  

★ Even if I use Mickel Art, conversations with users do not bounce ★ I have not been able to incorporate it as a regular activity ★ I have incorporated it as an activity, but I can not "use it for care"

★ I want training for new employees

★ I want to conduct training to motivate staff

An example of training

Mickel Art Training-At Special Nursing Ecclesia Minamiizu-

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In June 2018, Mickel Art Training was held at the social welfare corporation Azusa Yukai "Ecclesia Minamiizu".


This time, we invited Dr. Sayuri Habuki , a certified instructor of Mickel Art. On the day of the event, 70 staff members working at each facility participated to deepen their knowledge about the introduction of Mickel Art and new dementia care.


In the training, in addition to the explanation by Dr. Habuki, the staff members actually played a role using the Mickel Art paper version in a participatory training style.


From the trained staff


"It was fascinating to have a conversation with nature."

"It was fun to experience it for myself and have a lively conversation."

"It will lead to communication between users and will be a good stimulus."

"We can expect an opportunity to find a common topic."


And so on.


In addition, since many other impressions such as wanting to know more and gaining such awareness were gathered, we will continue to actively carry out training that will be an opportunity to raise awareness to many people through the training.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a business establishment that wishes to receive training.

For details, please refer to Ecclesia Minamiizu's blog → Click here

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