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Shichigosan celebrates the growth of children aged 3, 5, and 7. What did you look like when you were at Shichigosan? Take a photo with your family with a Chitose candy ... Please tell us your memories of Shichigosan and watching the video.

Living room

What kind of room did you eat when you were little? Temporary family members ... Each seat is fixed. Many nostalgic subjects such as old-fashioned chabudai, black-and-white TV, and black telephone are drawn in the picture.

pounding mochi

Do you have any experience with mochi making? This video introduces the tools necessary for making mochi and the types of mochi. There are also topics related to Kadomatsu and pine decorations that can be seen on New Year's Day.


Have you ever had a drink at a teahouse? What kind of menu was there? From meals such as oden and soba to sweets such as shaved ice, water yokan and warabi mochi ♪

Winter porch

Did the house you used to live in have a porch? The view from the porch is different from season to season. This video depicts the veranda of winter. Please tell us your memories of the dry cloth rubbing in the garden and the preserved food made by fishing on the porch.


What was your kitchen like when you were a child? Did you have Kamado? Was it a gas stove? This video also introduces nostalgic cooking utensils, cooking topics, and greengrocers, fish stores, and tofu stores that were used to buy ingredients.

sewing machine

Did you have a sewing machine at your parents' house? Foot-operated sewing machine, electric sewing machine, and hand-cranked sewing machine. Make clothes and fix the buttons you took. Hand-knitted and knitted sweatshirts have become popular.


School excursion

Where did your school trip go? Did you make bookmarks at school in advance? There are various study trip destinations depending on the area. What do you remember about how you spent your free time and chatting before the lights went out?


This video introduces the history of moon viewing and the moon dumplings. Do you know one of the moon viewing events, "Tsukimi Dorobo"? In addition, I also draw about the autumn taste that is indispensable during the moon viewing season.

Buzz cut

In the old days, there were many buzz cut children. Who was the role of haircut in the family? There were many children who were tiger-cutting. How did you feel when you first went to the hairdressing shop? This video depicts not only haircuts but also hairstyles that were popular at the time and movie actors who longed for hairstyles.

Rail journey

Have you ever taken a family trip by train? The ekiben you eat on the train is exceptional, isn't it? What area did you travel to, what kind of scenery you saw, and if you had a lot of talk with strangers on the train ... Please tell us a lot of memories of your trip.


Please tell us about the neighborhood relationships that are rarely seen now, such as the circulation board that you brought directly to your neighbor, the lending and borrowing of soy sauce, and the babysitters of small children.

Temple and moon

How do you feel when you look up at the night sky and see a big full moon? In this video, you can feel the autumn, such as the scenery of a temple with beautiful autumn leaves and the moon that emerges in the clear night sky. If you are that you have done so you come out even the famous temple, Sekuda Sai Come tell us your memories.


Old-fashioned dining room. I still sometimes see such a nostalgic dining room. Did you have a favorite dining room? What was the recommended menu for the cafeteria? Handwritten menus, large meals, local menus, etc ... Please tell us a lot of memories of eating out with your family.


Aichi wandering trip
Introducing specialties and events such as Atsuta Jingu, Atsuta Festival, and Nagoya Minato Festival. Please feel like traveling ♪

Visiting famous places in Osaka
While visiting famous places in Osaka such as Osaka Castle and Sumiyoshi Taisha, we will introduce local specialties. Please feel like traveling ♪


Where did you live in your childhood? It seems that many families made a living by farming and collecting mushrooms in the satoyama that was cultivated by people living there. I think there are some people who returned home during the summer vacation in Satoyama. Let's talk about summer memories ♪


A desk for two people that opens with a flutter, a milk bottle, a noodle, etc ... This video depicts the scenery of the popular "classroom" in Mickel Art. Please tell us your memories of your school days, such as report cards, favorite classes, and love letters that everyone matched.


Have you ever been to a fair when you were a kid? It's a festival that you can go out after it gets dark unlike usual ... It was fun because there were many stores. Did you wear a yukata? In the old days, I used to wear a handmade yukata and went to the festival.

Agricultural work

Have you helped with farming? What was the taste of the rice balls and freshly picked vegetables you eat after work? In this video, summer-themed themes such as water play and watermelon splitting, as well as stories of farm work such as rice planting work are drawn.

Mom-and-pop candy store

A candy store popular with children. Was there a candy store in your neighborhood? Choose your favorite candy with a limited amount of money ... It was fun ♪ What kind of person was the owner of the candy store? This video shows not only sweets sold at candy stores, but also nostalgic toys.


Was there an aqueduct where you lived? It is a waterway for taking in water from agriculture and tap water. There are waterways where carp and crayfish live, and maybe some people have fished for crayfish. This video depicts the life scene of the Showa era centered on the irrigation canal.


Fresh green Kyoto

Today's theme is "Fresh Green Kyoto". Introducing "Rurikoin", "Kifune Shrine", "Nanzenji" and "Kinkakuji". Let's enjoy the feeling of Kyoto while looking at the pictures.

Hydrangea seen during the rainy season. It is famous that the color of flowers varies depending on the nature of the soil. The hydrangea you see when it keeps raining is bright and bright. What color of hydrangea do you like? Let's touch on the memories unique to this time, such as the story of frogs and the end of the rainy season, as well as hydrangea.

A gentle child to a sick child ... There were various children in the class. What kind of personality did you have when you were little? In this video, the theme of "class", which is popular in Mickel art, is drawn. Let's look back on the memories of our nostalgic student days, such as what we did during our favorite classes and breaks.

Morning market

Morning market where you can get fresh vegetables early in the morning. Wasn't the morning market open in your area? In this video, not only memories about the morning market, such as chatting with shop staff and neighbors who meet in the morning market, but also the state of farm work for growing vegetables are drawn.

Housing complex

Have you ever lived in a housing complex? It is now popular among young people to remodel and live in old-fashioned housing complexes. Socializing, playing, living, etc. while in the housing complex ... This video shows a lot of nostalgic things that remind us of the period of high economic miracle.

Bath and laundry

Until the spread of washing machines, each household had a washboard. It was a laundry that was scrubbed with cold water in an era when hot water did not come out easily. What did you do to help your house? This video depicts old household chores, family structure, and nostalgic baths.

Preparing dinner

When there were no frozen or retort-packed foods like we do now, buying ingredients for dinner was a daily routine. Was there a shopping street in your neighborhood? Fish is a fish store and vegetables are a greengrocer ... Let's touch on nostalgic scenes such as old shopping style and kitchen.


Self-study time

Have you ever been happy that your regular lessons suddenly became "self-study"? Self-study is time to learn by yourself, but most students think it is "free time". How did you spend your self-study time when you were a student, what you are good at, what you are not good at, what you were interested in, etc ... Please tell us a fun episode when you were a student.


Did you have a big river in your area? There are many places with rows of cherry blossom trees on the riverbed. The cherry blossoms are in bloom for only a short period of time, but walking through the cherry blossom trees in full bloom will lift your mood. Walking / Insect catching ... This video depicts the scene seen on the riverbed.

lunch break

How did you spend your breaks when you were a student? Did you play outside? Was it a group that spends time in the classroom? This video introduces old-fashioned play as a way to spend your break time.

Cherry-blossom viewing

Eating lunch while watching the cherry blossoms ... It's a very luxurious time, isn't it? Have you ever seen cherry blossoms? Please tell us about your fun cherry blossom viewing, such as the cherry blossoms in your neighborhood, your favorite lunch box, and the time you spent with your family.


-Familiar scenery near your home-What kind of city did you spend your childhood in? Many nostalgic life scenes of the Showa era are drawn in this picture. Playing with black-and-white TV and hula hoops with mothers and neighbors wearing piggyback straps. Let's touch on your local memories with this video.

Entrance ceremony

The cherry blossom season is also the season for new encounters. What are your memories of the entrance ceremony? Who did you go with to the entrance ceremony? Please tell us the episodes related to the entrance ceremony that you remembered when you saw this video, such as school bags, fluffy uniforms, and heads that have become tiger-cut.


Street corner

As the times change, the scenery of the town is changing little by little. Tofu shop, tobacco shop, candy shop, irrigation canal, round post box, etc. that came to sell with a trumpet ... This video shows a lot of old-fashioned nostalgic scenery.

Well-end meeting

What kind of impression do you have of the well-end conference? In an era without mobile phones and the Internet, the information obtained at the well-end conference was very important for women. This video depicts the nostalgic scenes seen in the city, such as well water, hand pumps, and picture-story shows, starting from the state of the well-end meeting.

In front of the school gate

What kind of school was your school? Did the teacher stand in front of the school gate when you went to school? This video focuses on the scene in front of the school gate, and depicts the subjects unique to students, such as school teachers and friends, favorite people ambushed in front of the school gate, and school rules.

Public bath

Was there a public bath near your house? Nowadays, I don't see many old-fashioned public baths with enthusiasts. Please tell us a lot of memories of the public bath, such as the public bath you went to with your family and friends, washing your back, and the impressive paintings on the walls of the public bath.

first visit of the year to a shrine

Speaking of the New Year, it is the first visit. Did your hometown have a shrine that you would visit every year? How did you dress for the first visit? In this video, not only the scene of the first visit, but also the theme unique to the beginning of the year such as New Year's cards and New Year's play is drawn.


Did your house have a hearth? In the hearth, which is used to generate firewood and charcoal fire, it was not only used for heating, but also for cooking. In this video, not only the scene with a nostalgic hearth, but also the dishes that are baked and eaten in the hearth are introduced.


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