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Q.1 Is it possible to play the Mickel Art video version only with a Blu-ray compatible player? Is it impossible with an old DVD player?

A. I'm sorry. Only Blu-ray compatible players can be played.  Blu-ray compatible players are labeled "BD" on the surface of the device.


Q.2 It's been about a week since the DVD arrived, but I dropped the DVD and it got scratched and I couldn't play it. What should I do. Will there be compensation?

A. If it is not intentional, we will replace the disc for free, so please contact us first. * Payment for shipping charges may occur. note that. In case of intentional damage, compensation will be incurred. please note.

Q.3 I have an annual rental contract for "Mikkel Art Paper Edition". Is there a discount?  

A. There is a discount. Please contact us for details.


Q.4 How should I use "Mikkel Art Video Version" if I want to bring out the effect of dementia prevention?

A. If possible, please talk with the user about the memories that have been revived while the video is being played or after the video is over. It is thought that the effect will be improved by making a note of the information obtained from it and utilizing it for care such as communication. However, since the "Mikkel Art Video Version" can be expected to have effects such as eye movements, it can be expected to be useful for activating the brain just by playing the video.

Q.5 Users always watch their favorite TV programs, such as before meals. What is the difference between a TV program and Mikkeruato video version?

A. The first point is that "the user's dementia prevention effect can be expected". Secondly, the number of users who watch TV programs is limited because the programs you want to watch differ depending on your taste. However, in the case of the Mickel Art video version, it is produced on the premise of dementia prevention, so everyone can enjoy it as "a part of the activity". * Please do not force viewing and give top priority to the user's feelings.

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