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This certification training is a 4-month correspondence course , and you can learn "numerical evaluation method of peripheral symptoms". It has become possible to objectively explain changes in dementia, and it is also popular with business establishments that utilize the scientific long-term care information system (LIFE). The dementia evaluation scale used in this training is DBD13, which is the same as the scale used in LIFE.

Features of Mickel Art Reminiscence Therapist Level 1

  • Eliminates weakness in evaluation scale

  • You can feel the changes of users numerically!

  • Gain confidence in your work!

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Training content

🌸  Purpose of training

Get used to the numerical evaluation scale


🌷 Contents of certification training

Correspondence education system. In the basic edition, you will learn the manual of Mickel Art, how to use it, and how to follow the staff, and in the practical edition, you will learn "numerical evaluation of peripheral symptoms".

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* Case report meetings should be held at the discretion of the business establishment.

Course outline

  • Students Qualifications: Mikkel Art staff like rental office

  • Students Cost: 20, 000 yen (excluding tax) / name

  • Course content: Learn the numerical evaluation of peripheral symptoms by correspondence education using certified training notes

  • Course period: Approximately 4 months (required time is about 1 hour per week)

  • Qualification acquisition: After submitting the evaluation Excel to us, a certificate of completion and a certificate will be issued.

  • Qualification deadline: 3 years (15,000 yen for renewal training every 3 years)

  • How to attend: Apply by email to us

Flow until qualification acquisition

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Voice of students

Below, we will introduce the sentences freely written by the students in the certified training note "Reflection column".

・ Student A

While doing Mickel Art, I learned a lot of old stories, favorite things, and interests that I had never known before. In the future, I thought that it would be necessary to take in a lot of information about that person while doing Mickel Art, and to observe and be involved every day so that he can have a good time in his daily life.

・ Student B

When speaking out, I felt it was important to speak out so that people could understand what they wanted to hear. In addition, it was important to convey honest feelings and have a conversation. I realized that deepening the understanding of users can broaden the range of support and contribute to a prosperous life. I would like to reflect this in my daily support and try to share information with other staff.

・ Student C

By understanding that the person is valued and providing support, I felt the possibility of leading to active daytime activities. We will continue to support users with an emphasis on understanding them. "

・ Student D

When using Mickel Art, I sometimes didn't know what the picture was because of my poor eyesight. By taking a closer look at the picture while incorporating stories related to the picture, I was able to recognize what was written. In the conversation, I felt the importance of having the participants enjoy together according to the theme so that the participants could understand the pictures and talk about the nostalgic times. In many cases, the content of the story did not match due to the symptoms of dementia, but by advancing the story while valuing each voice, the participants were able to enjoy themselves from their respective perspectives.

・ Student E

In the future, I would like to continue to implement it while adjusting to the rhythm of the person's life. In addition, as we spend more time with others, we are seeing more people being called out. While valuing the behavior of the person, I would like to make efforts so that the person can spend time with peace of mind from the environmental aspect so that it is easy to communicate with many people, and I would like to continue to implement it.

・ Student F

When it was implemented as a whole, there were many voices saying that the excitement of the users was very "I enjoyed it again, so I want to do it again." I myself was happy and enjoyed it.

Flow until the start of the course

Step 1 Please send an e-mail requesting attendance

Please send an e-mail from the manager of your business office to us saying "I would like to attend Mickel Art Reminiscence Therapist Level 1". We will ask you for details (number of participants) and attach a quotation and order form by e-mail.

Step 2 Order

Please sign the quotation and purchase order and send it by e-mail or fax.

Step 3 Receive training materials by email and start training

Within 2 days after completing your order, we will send the materials necessary for the training to the administrator by e-mail. Please start the training at the timing you want.

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Q1. Is it possible to take the course individually?

A. You can apply through your business office.


Q2. Is my age, educational background, and work history related to the course?

A. It doesn't matter.


Q3. Is the certification training note paper or digital?

A. We will attach an email in digital (PDF and Excel format). The materials to be submitted at the time of completion will be in Excel format.


Q4. If I lose my qualification certificate, can I reissue it?

A. I'm sorry. We do not accept reissues.


Q5. I would like to know the scoring criteria.

A. We will grade the content based on whether it meets the description amount. If there is a problem with the entered information, it may be rejected.


Q5. What is the pass rate?

A. About 70% have passed and have obtained qualifications.


Q6. What kind of workplace does Mickelart Reminiscence Therapist play an active part in?

A. Qualified staff are active in various workplaces such as paid nursing homes, day services, group homes, short stays, long-term care health facilities, special nursing homes for the elderly, small-scale multifunctional, regular patrols, etc. increase.


Q7. Please tell me the specific procedure for taking the course.

A. After receiving the e-mail you wish to attend, we will contact the facility manager. We will ask you about the number of students and issue a quotation and order form. After submitting the purchase order and confirming our company, the course will start.


Q8. If I don't get the 2nd grade, can I get the 1st grade?

A. Since the content is different between Level 1 and Level 2, it is possible to learn from Level 1. For those who want to improve their communication skills with users, the flow from Level 2 to Level 1 is smoother.


Q9. How many months does it take to get the qualification?

A. It is possible to obtain it in a minimum of four and a half months.


Q10. If I fail, is it possible to take the exam again?

A. You can take the test as many times as you like within one year from the completion date of sending the e-mail with the certified training materials attached.

"Mikkel training / download materials" (free)

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You can download materials that summarize Mikkel training in an easy-to-understand manner.

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