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At the time of starting the business in 2007, Mr. Hashiguchi, the representative director, was mainly engaged in custom-made art production. For example, I worked hard to create a wide variety of works such as shutter art in Asakusa, Tokyo and live painting at the beach. 


Every day I try and error the part pointed out by the customer at the office ...

It is Hashiguchi who does not compromise.

In those busy days, in 2010, a request like fate came in. The realistic depiction drawn by Hashiguchi caught the eye of a person involved in a long-term care facility in Aichi Prefecture, and said, "I want you to draw the outer wall of a pay nursing home ."

One request received in this way. Hashiguchi worked on mural painting with all his heart.

It's in the middle of that. Hashiguchi is asked by users of long-term care facilities to say, "I miss my hometown" and "I want you to draw my memories ."

This led me to think about the problems faced by long-term care facilities and what users want . 

What I was interested in was Hashiguchi to check Tokoton!

To find out what kind of paintings are preferred by the elderly, start by "knowing the scene"!

I read a lot of medical books, interviewed the site, and repeated the test.  ・ ・ ・ 

Sometimes the paintings on the walls were too small ...

After a lot of mistakes, trial and error, Hashiguchi continued to face the challenges with the model and the actual size.

認知症、認知症予防 認知症対策 認知症ケア 介護予防 デイサービス 回想法 介護 有料老人ホーム 周辺症状

Mickel art is complete!

We conducted a questionnaire to more than 800 elderly people. I also independently investigated what a picture that is easy to see and feels nostalgic. The result of repeated improvements with reference to the opinions of doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, and caregivers.  In 2010, Mickel Art is finally born!

The effects of Mickel Art have been highly evaluated in the fields of medical care and long-term care, and are announced every year at academic conferences. *  For details, go to the research introduction page 

  • Q.ミッケルアートに描かれている時代に、橋口さんは生まれていなかったと思うのですが、どうして 50代~90代の方が見て「懐かしい」と感じる絵が描けるのですか?
  • Q.ミッケルアートを描く際、最も気を付けていることは何ですか?
  • Q.自分で「職業病かも?」と思うようなエピソードはありますか?
    A.まだ幼い娘がいますが、娘と過ごす時に、すべての感動はミッケルアートになると考えています。娘を初めて抱っこした時、「あ」を書けて自慢してきた時、一緒にスーパーに行ってレジに並んでいる時 –、すべての瞬間が、ミッケルアートになります。つまり、「幸せ」と感じた瞬間は普遍的で、これこそがミッケルアートなのです。ほっこりとした日常的な幸せを描くことを心がけています。
  • Q.ミッケルアート制作で辛かったこと・嬉しかったことは?
  • Q.ミッケルアートを作るきっかけが無かったとしたら、今頃は何をしていたと思いますか?
  • Q.この事業をやめたいと思ったことはありますか?
  • Q.ミッケルアートは何を目指していますか?
認知症、認知症予防 認知症対策 認知症ケア 介護予防 デイサービス 回想法 介護 有料老人ホーム 周辺症状

Mickel art is complete!

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