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🌸 What is Mickel Art Kids Edition?

Mikkel Art Kids Edition is an art created with the concept of "cultivating the ability of children to think for themselves". There are more than 2,800 types of art subjects such as life, food education, creatures, traffic safety, occupation, traditional play, relationships with people, and evacuation drills.

Mickel Art Kids Edition is a rental format. We will deliver the art by requesting your favorite art from the catalog every month.

🌸 An example of art

  • Four seasons "spring"

  • Four seasons "summer"

  • Four seasons "autumn"

  • The four seasons "winter"

  • Showa life

  • Plant growth process"Tulip"

  • Plant growth process"eggplant"

  • Plant growth process"Peas"

  • Growth process of creatures"Frog"

  • Growth process of creatures"Ladybug"

  • Spring ingredients

  • Summer ingredients

  • Autumn ingredients

  • Winter ingredients

  • Changes in ingredients

  • Food chain

  • ​Cooking process

  • ​Rice growth process

  • ​Changes in the four seasons "rainy season"

  • ​Seasonal event "Visit to the grave"

  • ​Occupation "Postal shop"

  • ​feeling

  • Life "toilet"

  • Life "transportation"

  • Family love

  • Vehicle "Ambulance"

  • Vehicle "fire engine"

  • Occupation "Firefighter"

  • Vehicle "construction vehicle"

  • Aquarium

  • ​Occupation "keeper"

  • ​Local specialty "Aichi, Mie"

  • ​Local specialty "Kyoto"

  • ​Showa tools

  • World cuisine

  • World clothes

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🌸 Impressions one year after the introduction

Currently, 26 nursery schools have introduced it, and one year has passed since it was introduced, and we have received the following voices from each kindergarten.

  • Children are looking forward to the pictures that change every month.

  • It is good for nursery teachers to be able to request pictures according to the interests of the children.

  • Having a professional picture makes me feel that the range of childcare has expanded.

  • There are many new graduates among nursery teachers, but Mickel Art has become easy to use and has become established.

  • The appeal points of the garden have increased. Popular with parents.

  • While activities are restricted due to the corona, I feel that art keeps children's curiosity through the art of creatures and animals and themes of tourist destinations.

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