What is Mickel Art?

Mikkel art is a coined word derived from "Mikkel = find". Born in 2010, it was developed as a communication tool to listen to the memories of users of long-term care facilities.

We conducted joint research with Tokyo Medical and Dental University Graduate School and others, and confirmed its effectiveness in alleviating peripheral symptoms of dementia, and received academic awards from the Japan Dementia Care Society and the Japan Dementia Prevention Society.

Currently, it is being used as a human resources development program in the fields of long-term care, medical care, and childcare.

Support message

Mr. Hisashi Omichi

Professor Emeritus, Nihon University

Honorary Director of JCHO Yokohama Hospital

Chairman of the Japan Society for Medical Management


I sympathize with Spray Art Exin Co., Ltd.'s corporate philosophy of "working on social issues through art." We hope that the company's Mickel Art will expand "communication that can only be achieved by art" in medical / nursing care and childcare settings, and create an environment where various people can spend time comfortably. 

"Mikkel training"

For corporations who feel challenges in human resource retention and human resource development. Foster the ability to face users.

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"Mikkel Art"

We will create an environment that faces users and draw out their true needs.

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"Mikkel Art Kids Edition"

Announcement of the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Childcare. Foster the ability of children to think for themselves.

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