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What is an art library? 

-In such a case, I wish there was art that could be shown in an easy-to-understand manner-

Have you ever thought that way? Nowadays, it's easy to get free material on the Internet, but sometimes you can't find the image you're looking for. Also, it may be difficult to make such time because of the work.

Therefore, we have received such voices from people in the field of childcare and long-term care, and decided to create art under the concept of "art library".

You can quickly rent out the art you want when you want it ... that's the art library!

The art library is still in its infancy. Unexpected things are likely to occur in the field of childcare. In some cases, you have to think and act independently before receiving instructions from a senior childcare worker. However, the opinions such as "What should I do at such a time?" And "I wish there was such a picture" can only be understood by the people in the field. In order to establish this concept, the opinions and requests of the people in the field are indispensable.

Therefore, we are taking the following measures.


  • Allowing caregivers to choose their own art

  • Accepting new art proposals

  • Make it easy to give opinions in the questionnaire  


In this way, we are thinking of creating a system that facilitates communication between the Mickel Art Production Department and the field.

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