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What is a regional coloring book?

Coloring book that feels "nostalgic" with the theme of local festivals and famous places 

There are 21 series of regional coloring books. Click here for product list and purchase


An example of a coloring book



The characteristics of the coloring book in the area are "a sample full of nostalgia" and "explanatory text about the area and scene in which it is drawn."  "It is that there is. This is expected to help the elderly to recollect familiar areas and heal their minds.

1. With a sample full of nostalgia 

The theme is old-fashioned scenery. By having a colorfully painted sample, you can get a feeling of "nostalgia" just by looking at the sample, and you can get a reminiscence therapy effect. 

2. With explanations about the areas and scenes depicted  

Below the coloring book there is a description of the area or scene. Even if it is a picture of an area you do not know, you can inflate the image of the scene drawn by reading this explanation. 

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2,500 yen(tax included)

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